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2014 was an amazing year. I made it to some of the best shows I’ve been to since I started shooting. I had ups and downs finding my own niche in the show scene and parting ways with CookieCutter Magazine, but I will continue to support them in everything they do. With it being the last day of the year, I’m going to rewind through show season 2014!

Jingle Bass (12-06-14) was cold, dreary, soggy, yet completely amazing for the sound competition world. The rain kept most show participants away but didn’t hamper Bass Wars in the least. The ladies learned why it’s important to always carry a hairbrush with you when loud systems are around.


Monster Bass (11-01-14) was another Tint Plus hosted show and did not disappoint. Everyone had a blast getting into the theme of things.

Darren Louch's Cadillac and Lane Mattison's Penny Truck

Darren Louch’s Cadillac and Lane Mattison’s Penny Truck

This was my first year making the drive out to WannaGoFast’s Half-Mile Shootout at Heaven’s Landing. (09-13-14) The host’s name is pretty telling on what the day was about. Fast cars being outrun by even faster cars. The vendor area was surrounded with an amazing array of show quality racing machines.


The fundraiser show for JDRF was another great show this year. There’s always a great spread of different vehicles from all different decades, makes, and models.


The annual Clarkesville Antique car show (08-17-14) was a scorcher this year, but with a tent full of friends, it made it worth it. I’ve enjoyed going to the show as a birthday celebration of sorts for 3 years now and as long as they host it, I’ll be there.


I wasn’t able to get any photos at the Bass Benefit Sound-off and show (07-19-14) as I was hosting. It was a first for me to be completely behind the scenes making sure it went off without a hitch. All proceeds went to a close friend’s dad who was having health problems and needed a little help getting back on his feet. I was very humbled to see how many people came to help out where they could. Whether it was entering the show and sound competition or buying raffle tickets. I’m extremely proud to call these folks my friends.
Another first for me this year was Summer Showdown (07-05-14) held in Byron, Georgia. It was great seeing some familiar faces from other shows and meeting new people. Also, seeing the debut of Drop Em Wear’s t-shirt cannon was about as epic as you can get.

DSCF0107 DSCF0154

There were several benefit shows throughout the year including the Danny Seymour benefit show (05-24-14) held by Billy Wheeler at Tint Plus. They went above and beyond to help raise as much funds as possible for Danny and his family.

DSCF0002 DSCF0009

Second year for me to attend Formula Drift Round 2. Best mother’s day gift ever! And with Vaughn Gittin, Jr. taking the win at Road Atlanta, it honestly couldn’t have gotten better.


The biggest show hosted by Tint Plus had to have been Spring Bling (05-03-14). There was a huge turn out, and what other show has a WEDDING??

DSCF0088 DSCF02551

I wasn’t the only one celebrating that we made it through Southeastern Minitruckin Nationals (04-27-14) without getting soaked to the bone. Here’s to 20 more years of an awesome show!


The biggest “first” for me this year was Layd Out at the Park (04-11-14). The park was packed with amazing vehicles of every sort and size. The giant slip-n-slide was a hit and more than a few gathered around the stage for the bikini contest.


The Cruisin’ For Paws (04-05-14) in Clayton, Georgia was another benefit show but for a different sort of cause. Rabun Paws 4 Life had people coming from all over the area to support our 4 legged friends. With tons of concessions, silent auction prizes, and a live band, it was definitely a success.


The Gathering (03-08-14) is the unofficial start to show season in this area. Unfortunately, a camera malfunction kept me from taking many photos. I am thankful that a great friend, who always has my back, helped me get the coverage I needed to make my editors happy. So instead of posting one of my own shots from the event, here’s one of my favorites that he took.

Photo Copyright owned by Josh Carpenter of About 2 Snap Custom Imaging

Photo Copyright owned by Josh Carpenter of About 2 Snap Custom Imaging

I’ve realized how special all my friends are. There are a few who are family to me, I can’t imagine life without them and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have them to catch me when I fall. To everyone who I’ve met this year, and those who have been there with me through it all, Happy New Year! See you at the shows!


Everyone knows that the best way to close out a great year, is to do so with friends. Jingle Bass 2014 was no exception. The soggy weather didn’t put too much of a damper on the day’s events, making it the perfect ending to the 2014 show season. Bass wars brought in many competitors to see who could shake the most rain off their cars. Richard Asselin took home the title of loudest of the day, hitting a 161.5.
Richard’s Skar audio filled Tahoe turned the show into a literal “blowout” when he pulled off a 4-way hair trick, because, it IS all about that bass.

Big thanks to Billy Wheeler and his crew at Tint Plus of Sandy Springs, South Carolina for making it possible. Looking forward to a new year full of friends, cars, and a whole lot of fun!
Richard Asselin's Tahoe DSCF03001


For more photos from this event and more, check out

To follow Tint Plus on Facebook, click the link below
Also, be sure to check out the newest competition being put on by Tint Plus, BASS WARS!
Next show will be The Gathering 2015 hosted by Common Treads Magazine.
For more information on the event and happenings follow the link below


Week 4 takes us to Maysville, Georgia, home of Kyle Roberts. I took a little time to catch up with him on a few topics. With work, school, and day to day life, it’s hard to find time to do what you love, but Kyle manages to do exactly that.

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in the audio hobby?

It’s not just one person really, it’s the whole basshead community that got me in this sport. I remember my first show about 5 years ago and I just showed up not knowing anyone at the show or anything about the sport. Everyone there was very willing to answer questions I had and give me tips when I needed them. If the community hadn’t been so willing to help me I probably wouldn’t be answering these questions today.

Do people ever call you crazy for the amount of time and money you spend on audio equipment?

My parents absolutely hate the amount of time and money I spend, especially since I’m a broke college student. But my friends and Co-workers actually help out with installs when I need them to so they’re pretty supportive about it.

Show season is about to start, what is the one show you are looking forward to the most this year?

Stuntfest by far. I’ve put a lot of time and sweat into this setup and I can’t wait to show it off at a huge venue like that.

Do you think it’s harder to be considered a competitor being from the country?

Not really, I mean loud is loud no matter where we are from.

Is it hard for you to juggle work, school, and finding time to actually enjoy what you do?

Absolutely. Luckily I have a job where I can find time on the clock to work on my setup and my Co-workers enjoy helping me when they can. The down side of that job is I have to work Saturdays when most shows happen and I can’t trade days off because of school.

What is one piece advice you would want up and coming bassheads to know?

Listen!!! Most of these guys have been there and had the same problems you have so when they tell you something or show you a trick, pay attention, it could save time and headaches later.

There you have it. I’m finding a pattern that the best advice that can be given would be to listen to those around you. In any application in life, there is always going to be someone who has gone before you and can help you through whatever trials you may have. Until next week!

2nd installment of Project Spotlight takes us to the small town of Hiawassee, Georgia. Hiawassee is the hometown of this week’s feature, Zach Taylor.

When did you first get interested in car audio?

Jeez, it probably first sparked my interest when I was in middle school. I always thought it was cool hearing the high school kids in the parking lot with their setups blasting. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Do you think people that specialize in audio are looked down upon at car shows?

Of course, and it sucks! We get a bad wrap, mainly because of a small percentage of the community who doesn’t know how to be respectful. It’s sad that a community that pretty much any member of would give the shirt off his back to help another gets looked down upon the way it does.

Do you think being on an audio team gives you an advantage in competition?

Any time you can be around a group of people interested in the same hobby there is an opportunity to learn something. Car audio is a game where there is ALWAYS something to learn. Gives those less experienced a chance to learn from those who have been around, and a helping hand is never a bad thing if an issue arises!

If there was one thing you could change about how the world views the hobby, what would it be?

I’d like for everyone to actually be able to see the community for what it is, a group of people who would do anything for one another. A group who will help out in any way possible. Not just a bunch of punks who disturb everyone at red lights.

Do you think it’s important to try to help steer the “next generation” of bassheads towards the right products or do you think they should figure out what is right or wrong on their own?

I think it’s important to help when you can. I personally don’t like to push my opinions on equipment on others as everyone is allowed to like/run whatever they like. I do however enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years to help steer them in the right direction in the hobby in general. It’s important because they are the future of this hobby.

How has social media like Facebook and car audio forums helped you in your own builds?

I think in a way it’s helped, and in a way it’s hindered. I almost miss the days when everything was more secretive. You didn’t know what changes might have been made until you pull up at a show. Made you always have to stay on your toes. Also seemed back before the forums/Facebook, that there was a lot less nonsense and pointless drama popping up. On the other hand, the amount of knowledge that can be shared now can make the difference from someone being happy with their Sony Xplods and Legacy amps to someone becoming a big time member in the audio community. It helps spread the knowledge and word of the hobby to people who otherwise might not realize any of it. If I had to lean a direction on whether it helped or hindered more, I would definitely say it helped more. I know that I myself have learned a good bit from reading the forums/groups/etc and I’ve seen several people learn and their builds grow.

Do you have any words of wisdom for those reading?

Never be afraid to ask questions. A question not asked is a question not answered. Never be too proud to ask for advice, and sometimes it’s better to sit back and listen. I know those would have helped me tremendously along the way!


And there you have it. Hearing is not the same as listening. Allowing is not the same as acceptance and understanding. There is a bigger family in this hobby than anyone could imagine, and I, for one, am glad to be a part of it. No matter how small.
Until next time…

Here is a list of the car shows and events I have received invites to so far for the 2013 spring show season. I’m sure there will be more added to the list, but these are definitely calendar worthy shows!

First up is the 3rd annual “The Gathering” hosted by Common Treads Magazine and will be at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC on March 2nd and 3rd. Follow the jump link to their facebook page for more information.

Same weekend down in Daytona Beach, Florida is the annual Spring Break Nationals. Anyone who’s anybody of the audio world will not want to miss this show. more info can be found on their facebook page at the following link.

March 16th will be the first drift event for the year at Atlanta Motor Speedway. KMS Drift will be hosting as well as S2. Be sure to come out to see these amazing drivers get sideways going after those championship points!

And last, but not least we’re back at Atlanta Motor Speedway for Stuntfest 2K13. What’s sure to be a great day full of beautiful cars and some awesome demos from some of the big name competitors in the Atlanta area car audio world. Head on over to their facebook event page for more information.

That’s all I’ve gotten, so far. I know it’s going to be a year full of awesome events that I will not be missing out on!


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Alas…as much as I said “absolutely nothing can keep me from going to NOPI Nationals this year!!!” I will not be in attendance at the show. Maybe if i could stand outside the fence and shoot photos?? No…I doubt that security would appreciate that. So…with that said….I want to say good luck to all those competing this weekend, and please stay safe while traveling to and from the show. Also wanted to give a shout out to my Georgia Car Audio family that will be slaying the audio portion of the competition. 

For more information on the who, what, when, where, and how much about NOPI nationals, visit the NOPI website at
If you are in Georgia, into car audio, and have facebook (who doesn’t now days) make sure to check out the Georgia Car Audio facebook group. It is a great group of people (not just guys!!) who share some how tos and how nots about car audio, ask questions and have fun with other people who share the same passion for the hobby as they do. Type it in the search bar, can’t miss us!