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Everyone knows that the best way to close out a great year, is to do so with friends. Jingle Bass 2014 was no exception. The soggy weather didn’t put too much of a damper on the day’s events, making it the perfect ending to the 2014 show season. Bass wars brought in many competitors to see who could shake the most rain off their cars. Richard Asselin took home the title of loudest of the day, hitting a 161.5.
Richard’s Skar audio filled Tahoe turned the show into a literal “blowout” when he pulled off a 4-way hair trick, because, it IS all about that bass.

Big thanks to Billy Wheeler and his crew at Tint Plus of Sandy Springs, South Carolina for making it possible. Looking forward to a new year full of friends, cars, and a whole lot of fun!
Richard Asselin's Tahoe DSCF03001


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Also, be sure to check out the newest competition being put on by Tint Plus, BASS WARS!
Next show will be The Gathering 2015 hosted by Common Treads Magazine.
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For the past few years, I’ve traveled all over the Tri-State area going to various car shows. Everything from nationally known shows like Layd Out At The Park to smaller charity shows benefiting local animal shelters and food banks. I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with some amazing people and so many clubs that I’ve lost count. My favorite shows always hit close to home and I will do whatever it takes to make it to them. Billy Wheeler hosts some of the most laid back shows that have been my favorites since the first time I made it out to Monster Bass in 2012. There’s never a dull moment at the shows. Everything from 4-way tug-o-war to toilet paper relays to sunburn contests keep everyone entertained. As fun as the shows are, the reason I keep going back is the host, himself. Billy and his wife support the local businesses any chance they can. It’s always a family event no matter who you are, what you drive, or what club you’re in. Recently, Tint Plus held a benefit show for their long time friend, Danny Seymour, who is battling throat cancer. Words cannot express how moving it was when everything was tallied for the final amount raised. This past week, they lost a member of their car family and have gone into protect mode to take care of the final costs for the family. A funeral fund was set up at a local bank and they have set the goal at $3000. in just a few days, they’ve managed to make it halfway to their goal. The way that Billy Wheeler and his Tint Plus family have stepped up to help those around them in their time of need makes such a huge impact on the car world. Faith that there is someone looking out for you and the ones you love is a comforting thing and there’s no one better than Billy and his “family”. 

For information on how you can help with the Tint Plus Funeral Fund, you can contact the Palmetto Bank of Anderson, South Carolina or go by Tint Plus in Sandy Springs, South Carolina. They are having a car wash to raise donations for the funeral fund today (June 3rd) so if you are in the Anderson area, make sure and swing by to get your car washed or make a donation!


Third week of Project Spotlight. This has been one of the more challenging projects I’ve worked on. Figuring out who to talk to and what to talk about has been the harder parts. Finding out interesting tidbits about the people around me and why they enjoy the hobby so much makes it all worth while. Today’s feature is one of my good friends that I’ve spent countless hours discussing the custom car world that we all live in. Here’s what long time competitor Josh Carpenter from Dillard, Georgia had to say.

What (or who) has been the biggest impact on you getting into custom cars and audio?

I grew up around cars and grew up racing karts / cars which of course sparked my interest in custom cars when I was 15 and got my first car.. My uncle had a Foxbody Mustang at the time with a Rockford system and was the first system I had ever truly listened to and I knew I wanted something similar so I jumped right in with a Audiobahn prefab box and amp. First show I ever attended had a USACI sound comp. which at the time I didn’t know there was such a thing. I metered for fun and ended up getting 2nd place with my prefab 10″ Audiobahn that no-body could believe that was all I had. From then I have been hooked.

Do you think it’s harder to be in both aspects (show and sound) than it is to be in just one?

It’s definitely harder to do both. For one the cost involved in keeping up with both show and sound is costly and the entry fees can rack up quicker when doing both. Also like in my case the rules get skewed out of favor like when “battery must be in factory location” but factory location doesn’t work on a bagged vehicle. There are sacrifices that have to be made though and have to decide which is more important and which can be put on the back burner.

Do you ever feel like you have to choose one or the other to please other people?

At times I feel like that especially after a show that has show only or sound only but at the end of the day I try to remember I’m building it for me to enjoy.

Do you think the older generation has problems accepting the younger competitors at shows?

The older generation seems to think that the music and burps are just a bunch of young punks that have nothing better to do.. In fact the last show I went to that had sound and show a couple of older guys were knocking my truck and made comments about how young kids do that when they looked inside and seen my batteries and amps… So they definitely discriminate against us sound guys.

What has been the best car show you have attended?

My favorite show I attended so far was the old NOPI Nationals back when they were at the speedway.. But since they are no longer (at least not the way they were then) then my favorite current show would have to be Spring Break Nationals.. Great location, great atmosphere and of course the best sound cars and some awesome demo / show cars on the show floor.

What is the one best piece of advice you have been given about the car show scene?

Well I have learned a lot since I started and have received some good advice but actually one my the biggest things I have learned is that there is always some who is louder, someone with more money and someone who is always willing to knock you down a peg or two.. I will admit I used to be cocky about it and a good friend at a show ended up setting me straight on a few things… In short I got beat by an SQ car in a SPL competition and I learned a huge lesson that day.. I am thankful for it and he knows who he is…


I hope these articles are able to give people a new outlook on how those that are in the audio and custom car hobby actually are. There is nothing that these people wouldn’t do for their friends when in need.

Showing the love for friends and love for the hobby on valentine’s day! Have a great day everyone!