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2014 was an amazing year. I made it to some of the best shows I’ve been to since I started shooting. I had ups and downs finding my own niche in the show scene and parting ways with CookieCutter Magazine, but I will continue to support them in everything they do. With it being the last day of the year, I’m going to rewind through show season 2014!

Jingle Bass (12-06-14) was cold, dreary, soggy, yet completely amazing for the sound competition world. The rain kept most show participants away but didn’t hamper Bass Wars in the least. The ladies learned why it’s important to always carry a hairbrush with you when loud systems are around.


Monster Bass (11-01-14) was another Tint Plus hosted show and did not disappoint. Everyone had a blast getting into the theme of things.

Darren Louch's Cadillac and Lane Mattison's Penny Truck

Darren Louch’s Cadillac and Lane Mattison’s Penny Truck

This was my first year making the drive out to WannaGoFast’s Half-Mile Shootout at Heaven’s Landing. (09-13-14) The host’s name is pretty telling on what the day was about. Fast cars being outrun by even faster cars. The vendor area was surrounded with an amazing array of show quality racing machines.


The fundraiser show for JDRF was another great show this year. There’s always a great spread of different vehicles from all different decades, makes, and models.


The annual Clarkesville Antique car show (08-17-14) was a scorcher this year, but with a tent full of friends, it made it worth it. I’ve enjoyed going to the show as a birthday celebration of sorts for 3 years now and as long as they host it, I’ll be there.


I wasn’t able to get any photos at the Bass Benefit Sound-off and show (07-19-14) as I was hosting. It was a first for me to be completely behind the scenes making sure it went off without a hitch. All proceeds went to a close friend’s dad who was having health problems and needed a little help getting back on his feet. I was very humbled to see how many people came to help out where they could. Whether it was entering the show and sound competition or buying raffle tickets. I’m extremely proud to call these folks my friends.
Another first for me this year was Summer Showdown (07-05-14) held in Byron, Georgia. It was great seeing some familiar faces from other shows and meeting new people. Also, seeing the debut of Drop Em Wear’s t-shirt cannon was about as epic as you can get.

DSCF0107 DSCF0154

There were several benefit shows throughout the year including the Danny Seymour benefit show (05-24-14) held by Billy Wheeler at Tint Plus. They went above and beyond to help raise as much funds as possible for Danny and his family.

DSCF0002 DSCF0009

Second year for me to attend Formula Drift Round 2. Best mother’s day gift ever! And with Vaughn Gittin, Jr. taking the win at Road Atlanta, it honestly couldn’t have gotten better.


The biggest show hosted by Tint Plus had to have been Spring Bling (05-03-14). There was a huge turn out, and what other show has a WEDDING??

DSCF0088 DSCF02551

I wasn’t the only one celebrating that we made it through Southeastern Minitruckin Nationals (04-27-14) without getting soaked to the bone. Here’s to 20 more years of an awesome show!


The biggest “first” for me this year was Layd Out at the Park (04-11-14). The park was packed with amazing vehicles of every sort and size. The giant slip-n-slide was a hit and more than a few gathered around the stage for the bikini contest.


The Cruisin’ For Paws (04-05-14) in Clayton, Georgia was another benefit show but for a different sort of cause. Rabun Paws 4 Life had people coming from all over the area to support our 4 legged friends. With tons of concessions, silent auction prizes, and a live band, it was definitely a success.


The Gathering (03-08-14) is the unofficial start to show season in this area. Unfortunately, a camera malfunction kept me from taking many photos. I am thankful that a great friend, who always has my back, helped me get the coverage I needed to make my editors happy. So instead of posting one of my own shots from the event, here’s one of my favorites that he took.

Photo Copyright owned by Josh Carpenter of About 2 Snap Custom Imaging

Photo Copyright owned by Josh Carpenter of About 2 Snap Custom Imaging

I’ve realized how special all my friends are. There are a few who are family to me, I can’t imagine life without them and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today if I didn’t have them to catch me when I fall. To everyone who I’ve met this year, and those who have been there with me through it all, Happy New Year! See you at the shows!



Saturday was probably the perfect day to be at a show in the north Georgia mountains. Home Depot of Clayton, Georgia, provided the lot for the 3rd annual Driving Away Hunger Car Show and Sound-Off hosted by Diana and Shane Allen. The weather was perfect, sun wasn’t baking down all day and we had a bit of a breeze to keep it nice. People of all kinds showed up to help raise money for the Rabun County Christian Food Ministries. Hot Franklin Imports car club had the lot filling up quickly. There were about as many cars in the show portion as there were that showed up for the sound-off bass competition. Games were held off and on throughout the day, all having some twist for Halloween. The baby bottle contest consisted of contestants downing a bottle full of yummy yet sour grapefruit juice.


Josue Avila won this game as well as the Insane Hot Wing eating contest.


Even the little one’s got in on the hot wing action and gave the big boys a run for their money.


There was a candy corn count that was open to anyone who thought they had the right answer to how many corns were in the bottle. Santiago Mendoza guessed the right number and won the bottle of candy corn along with a bucket full of other candy goodies.
The pumpkin toss was pretty self-explanatory. Teams lined up to see who could catch and return the pumpkins the most times, each return resulting in more space between partners.


Then came the Taste of Terror. Contestants were blind folded and were fed crazy things consisting of stuffed green olives, lime juice, pop rocks candy, soy sauce, smoked oysters, warheads sour candy, and unsweetened bitter chocolate. They then had to guess what it was. Alejandro Macias from Custom Tint and Sounds won the contest.
The Sound Show held in the bottom of the lot was run by Tim Brown. Classes were Trunk, Hatch, SUV, Truck, and Modified. They also held a Bass Race that was just for fun and had everyone watching on the edge of their metaphorical seats. The rules of the bass race were simple. Stay higher in decibels than your opponent, but do not go any higher than 129.9 dbs on the meter.


Billy Kovaly won the event beating out 5 opponents taking home a gift certificate to chic-fil-a for a party platter.

Winners of the show were as follows.
Sound-Off Winners by class:
Trunk-3rd place Tyler Gilbreath with 136.4 db
2nd place Billy Blackwell with 136.7 db
1st place Alejandro Macias with 143.8 db also took home the trophy for Best Stereo Install


Hatch-2nd place Shane Wall with 142.7 db
1st place Isaac Docxc with 150.1 db

Truck-3rd place Kyle Roberts with 138.9 db
2nd place Caleb Arnold with 139.5 db
1st place Josh Carpenter with 145.1 db

SUV- 2nd place Fro Orozco with 144.0 db
1st place Brandon McCarthy 146.8 db


Modified- 3rd place Matt Leisch in his Mazda Truck with 143.1 db
2nd place Billy Kovaly with 150.7 db
1st place Matt Leisch in his Chevy Tahoe with 152.4 db also won Highest SPL of the Day


Car Show Awards by Class:
Classic/Antique Car- 3rd place 1971 Monte Carlo
2nd place 1956 Cadillac also taking home the Pastor’s Choice Award
1st place 1937 Ford also won Best of Show
Hot Rod/Muscle- 3rd place 1960 Biscayne
2nd place 1996 Trans Am
1st place 1934 Ford Coupe also won trophy for the Brandon Wales People’s Choice
Sports Model/Luxury- 3rd place 2003 Honda Civic
2nd place 1991 Toyota MR2
1st place 2008 Shelby
Import- 3rd place 2003 Mercedes CLK 320
2nd place 1991 MR2 Toyota
1st place 2007 Nissan Nismo 350z
Classic/Antique Truck- 1st place 1972 C10 Chevy
4×4- 3rd place 2002 F250
2nd place 1989 F350
1st place 2005 Dodge 2500
Minitruck- 1st place 1999 Ford Ranger

Congratulations to all the winners this year and here’s to another great show next year!


Finally made it to the Subway Classic Cruise-In that is held on the second Friday of every month. I was a little worried that the clouds that were rolling in would put a damper on the turn out, but  I worried for nothing. There were quite a few locals that rolled into the parking lot. Showing off their pride and joys and chatting it up with others who share their love of beautiful classic cars. I hope to be out next month to spend more time with this awesome group of people, and of course Super Subway Man himself.


Come on, Friday! I have been waiting for a month for this Friday to roll around, and all to go visit Subway here in Toccoa, Georgia. Last month, I happened to glance over that their parking lot and my jaw dropped at the dozens of cars that were parked out. Turns out they have a “Classic Cruise-In” on the second Friday of every month. Of course, my camera was at home instead of in my car, and I was on a mission to get dinner for the family who were waiting hungrily at home for my return. I vowed that I would not miss the next one. I will definitely be there this Friday, if even only for an hour or two armed with my trusty camera. There are some really great cars that are local, that I only see in passing driving down the road. To see them all gathered together will be great. I’m hoping that there will be a good turn out, despite Rod Run being in Pigeon Forge this weekend. So ta-ta for now!

I’ve decided to be a little retroactive today and cover a show I went to a few weeks back.
The 35th annual antique car show in Clarkesville, Georgia was held the weekend of AUgust 17, 18, and 19th.
This happened to be my birthday weekend, so what better way to celebrate it than by going and
seeing some neat cars. The rain held me back from going on Friday and Saturday, but with a little
blue sky peeking through and some persuasion from a friend, I packed up my camera and “assistants” and
headed to the Habersham Fair Grounds. There was fairly big turn out considering the weather and the fact
that it was the tail end of the show. I’m pretty sure that most were there to enjoy the homemade ice cream
that was being made on site, but we wont tell any of the competitors that. My girls and I made our way through the rows of cars, stopping to look at a 60’s mustang here, and a vintage army jeep with trailer there. There were all types of cars and trucks that made it out to the grounds. Everything from VW Beetles and vans to new model minitrucks. The latter are the current like of my youngest because the airbags facinate her 5 year old mind. Well, enough talking. On to the photos!