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I’ve decided to be a little retroactive today and cover a show I went to a few weeks back.
The 35th annual antique car show in Clarkesville, Georgia was held the weekend of AUgust 17, 18, and 19th.
This happened to be my birthday weekend, so what better way to celebrate it than by going and
seeing some neat cars. The rain held me back from going on Friday and Saturday, but with a little
blue sky peeking through and some persuasion from a friend, I packed up my camera and “assistants” and
headed to the Habersham Fair Grounds. There was fairly big turn out considering the weather and the fact
that it was the tail end of the show. I’m pretty sure that most were there to enjoy the homemade ice cream
that was being made on site, but we wont tell any of the competitors that. My girls and I made our way through the rows of cars, stopping to look at a 60’s mustang here, and a vintage army jeep with trailer there. There were all types of cars and trucks that made it out to the grounds. Everything from VW Beetles and vans to new model minitrucks. The latter are┬áthe current like of my youngest because the airbags facinate her 5 year old mind. Well, enough talking. On to the photos!