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This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to shoot an event that was so unlike any of the car shows I have been to, to date. Koss Motor Sports hosted the 2012 Drift Finals at the Atlanta Motor Speedway on November 24th. It was really cold pretty much all day but it was well worth it. That was some of the best driving I have ever seen in my life. Those drivers gave the track all they could. Smoke and dust clouds were everywhere along with the smell of burning rubber hanging in the air. Over 80 drivers came out to show off their moves gaining trophies and respect from the other drivers, along with a little cash to help with gas as well. Some of those in attendance came as far as Missouri to participate in this event. I had never been to a drift event in person before and I must say, they are much better live than on any video you could see. By the end of the day I was rooting for my favorites. The car show portion came up with quite a few great looking cars as well. Batlground Atlanta was present as well as Import Atlanta and Vision Performance. The Vision Performance car had several oohing and ahhing over how clean their car sounded as it ate up the track. Thanks goes out to Koss Motor Sports for allowing me to pitch in my camera on the event. I had a blast and I can’t wait until March to be able to go back and see these guys go at it again!



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5 days and counting until the KMS Drift Finals at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA. This may be the last show of the season, so be sure to come and see what how these boys (and girls) get it done. JRM Photos will be out and about doing what I do, taking photos of the hottest cars. Check out their facebook page, event page, or website for more information on what’s sure to be an awesome show!

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Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone is getting off to a great start on their weekend. I just wanted to go ahead and put up the flier for the KMS Drift Finals that are coming up in 2 weeks at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Georgia. I am hoping to be able to attend for the first time. There is going to also be a car show and audio show as well as the finals. The date is Saturday, November 24th. This is the Saturday after Thanksgiving so it would help to get those guys out and about to work off some of that turkey they “gobbled” up. (hehe) Here’s the flier:

and here is the link to the facebook event page:

Also, be sure and check out the Koss Motor Sports page at:

Be sure to put this on your calendar as it’s bound to be a great day!