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Today is the start of a new project of mine. I’ve been thinking about how many stereotypes there are out there when concerning the custom audio/car hobby. “All people with loud stereos are obnoxious teenagers with no respect for anyone.” “All people who drive custom vehicles have way too much money and should spend it on more practical things.” So, this will be an ongoing project as I get to know more about those who have made cars and audio a major part of their lives and ask a few questions on what it really means to them. First up is a great guy named Russell Mcever from Marietta, Georgia.

How did you get into the audio hobby?

When I was 14, a friend of my dad’s came over and had a system. I was immediately hooked. I started my 1st system at the age of 14. My first car was a 1972 VW Bug with 2 10’s.

In your opinion, what is a “basshead”?

A basshead is someone who just can never get enough bass, and wants everyone to turn it up.

Do you think people in the audio or custom vehicle hobby have a prejudice against them?

Sure, and it’s sad actually, because they are missing out. We are some of the ones that will give their last dollar to help a fellow out.

Do people treat you differently when they find out that you have a system in your car?

Sadly, yes. Racial slurs are still thrown at me, too. ūüė¶

How does having a bass family help you in your day to day life?

I have met so many different types of people with this hobby, and they are always there. I know mechanics, I know painters, I know someone basically for every walk of life. What google can’t do, they take up the slack.

Do you like how social media has made it easier to help others with problems they may be having and the closeness/camaraderie it brings?

Sure do. I never get enough. I have always been a do it yourselfer, and I love all the doors social media opens. How it brings all the bassheads, at least in the continental US, together as one.

Or, do you think it has created more animosity and competition towards each other?

Animosity is always going to be there because some people, like myself, are real competitive. For the most part though, I try my best to treat everyone the same.

Do you think being a member of a car club/team helps with the competition or does it make you more of a target?

Both. Targets usually come with being loud or louder than most in your class, etc. That being said, I love my club and they love me. I couldn’t see myself competing without them. I talk to everyone though, and enjoy talking to other club’s members as well.

If there was one thing you would want people to remember about you, what would it be?

My heart.

I really hope this helps others understand the love and friendship that comes with being in this hobby. The bonds that form from a common interest, and continue as that common ground grows into respect for one another. Until next time!


Here is a list of the car shows and events I have received invites to so far for the 2013 spring show season. I’m sure there will be more added to the list, but these are definitely calendar worthy shows!

First up is the 3rd annual “The Gathering” hosted by Common Treads Magazine and will be at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC on March 2nd and 3rd. Follow the jump link to their facebook page for more information.

Same weekend down in Daytona Beach, Florida is the annual Spring Break Nationals. Anyone who’s anybody of the audio world will not want to miss this show. more info can be found on their facebook page at the following link.

March 16th will be the first drift event for the year at Atlanta Motor Speedway. KMS Drift will be hosting as well as S2. Be sure to come out to see these amazing drivers get sideways going after those championship points!

And last, but not least we’re back at Atlanta Motor Speedway for Stuntfest 2K13. What’s sure to be a great day full of beautiful cars and some awesome demos from some of the big name competitors in the Atlanta area car audio world. Head on over to their facebook event page for more information.

That’s all I’ve gotten, so far. I know it’s going to be a year full of awesome events that I will not be missing out on!


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I think a nerve was struck today when the topic of money was brought up in regards to the bass music life I as well as most of my friends lead. When you sit down and figure up how much goes into what we do, it seems like a lot. There’s people out there who spend up towards $50 grand just in stereo equipment in their cars. No one ever said that the hobby was easy or cheap. But to have that finished project where onlookers can’t help but drop jaws at the work you’ve put in makes it all worth while. There’s a saying in the car world we live in that goes “Built, not bought”. I realize it’s mainly for the show car crowd but it also applies to those into audio competitions. If you put the time, blood, sweat, and tears into your own system instead of going out and having someone install the latest pre-fab design into your car, the end result will always be better. Because of the fact that it is YOUR work you’re proud of. I am extremely proud of all of the work my friends put into their vehicles. It shows that they aren’t above a little hard work to get where they want to be. Whether they be audiophiles, or mini-truckers struggling to make things work the best way they know how. With everyone making some sort of upgrade to their cars, it’s looking to be a great show season this year. That’s it for now, just keep doing what you do and in no time, you’ll be where you want to be. (and there’s my¬†philosophy¬†for the night)

Quote For The Day

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Read a very interesting quote this morning. “The more gear you carry around with you, the less you enjoy taking photographs.” I find this very true. I may not own the biggest lenses available, but I am quite capable of capturing the moments that matter the most. Without having a huge bag to lug around, I am able to get where I need to be to get those shots which comes in handy doing the events that I do. Never know when something awesome is going to happen on the other side of lot or track that you will have to rush to get to (windshields blow at the oddest times at sound competitions). Even everyday personal pictures,¬†maneuverability is key to be able to get the angles and off the wall shots that end up being great. Now, on the other hand, I am in no way putting down those photographers who have the lenses and other accessories that make their lives easier as a professional. I am just saying that just because I do not have all of that, doesn’t mean that I am not just as able to get the good shots. Never judge a person by the equipment they use, they just might surprise you.

Hello 2013!

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It’s gonna be a great year, I know it! Doing the New Year’s organizing around the house.¬†Already making plans for some local shows that’ll be here before we know it. ¬†Hoping to be able to make it to more shows this year than we did last. I’ve been making adjustments to my business page, detailing prices, adding more choices to sessions. Changing what needs to be done as I learn new things. Hope everyone else has had a great 2012, and I am looking forward to an even better 2013!