This is MY Texas

Posted: April 21, 2013 in April 2013
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I want to take the time to thank everyone for the prayers, love, and support that has been shown to those in West, Texas, after their lives were forever changed by the fertilizer plant explosion Wednesday April 17th. I’ve heard stories and read articles written by people I haven’t heard from in years. The hurt I feel from being states away has hit hardest this week. Not being able to be near my family and friends, to help and comfort them when they need me the most. Seeing photos of the aftermath has brought back so many memories. The park where we would go after school to play basketball, the playground that was our “final exam” for Ag Shop my freshman year. We had to drive at least one bolt into the structure or we failed the class. That playground is no longer standing. The basketball poles are skeletons among the rubble. The middle school where my love for music was first rooted is considered a lost cause. I remember spending countless afternoons at my aunt and uncles house on Reagan street. I’m not sure if there are any of us my age who weren’t babysat at least once by My aunt Beaulah Zahirniak. She would give us the butter “ring” cookies and a cup of cherry Kool-aid as a snack. The memories of cruising down the Main Street, stopping every couple of blocks to say hey to a friend here and there have all come flooding back. I remember riding with my best friend and her dad to the fertilizer plant during the spring and early summer for him to get his load for his crops. There is so much that has been damaged and lost but if I know West, they will rebuild strong as ever. Pee Wee Zahirniak said it best, “you will never find another town like this.” This is my home and will always be no matter how many miles away I am. The blood in my veins will forever be Texan and they don’t call us the Fighting Trojans for nothing. Fight on West…


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