Spotlight Of The Week: Episode 4 Kyle Roberts

Posted: February 21, 2013 in February 2013
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Week 4 takes us to Maysville, Georgia, home of Kyle Roberts. I took a little time to catch up with him on a few topics. With work, school, and day to day life, it’s hard to find time to do what you love, but Kyle manages to do exactly that.

Who has been the biggest inspiration for you in the audio hobby?

It’s not just one person really, it’s the whole basshead community that got me in this sport. I remember my first show about 5 years ago and I just showed up not knowing anyone at the show or anything about the sport. Everyone there was very willing to answer questions I had and give me tips when I needed them. If the community hadn’t been so willing to help me I probably wouldn’t be answering these questions today.

Do people ever call you crazy for the amount of time and money you spend on audio equipment?

My parents absolutely hate the amount of time and money I spend, especially since I’m a broke college student. But my friends and Co-workers actually help out with installs when I need them to so they’re pretty supportive about it.

Show season is about to start, what is the one show you are looking forward to the most this year?

Stuntfest by far. I’ve put a lot of time and sweat into this setup and I can’t wait to show it off at a huge venue like that.

Do you think it’s harder to be considered a competitor being from the country?

Not really, I mean loud is loud no matter where we are from.

Is it hard for you to juggle work, school, and finding time to actually enjoy what you do?

Absolutely. Luckily I have a job where I can find time on the clock to work on my setup and my Co-workers enjoy helping me when they can. The down side of that job is I have to work Saturdays when most shows happen and I can’t trade days off because of school.

What is one piece advice you would want up and coming bassheads to know?

Listen!!! Most of these guys have been there and had the same problems you have so when they tell you something or show you a trick, pay attention, it could save time and headaches later.

There you have it. I’m finding a pattern that the best advice that can be given would be to listen to those around you. In any application in life, there is always going to be someone who has gone before you and can help you through whatever trials you may have. Until next week!


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