Quote For The Day

Posted: January 19, 2013 in January 2013
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Read a very interesting quote this morning. “The more gear you carry around with you, the less you enjoy taking photographs.” I find this very true. I may not own the biggest lenses available, but I am quite capable of capturing the moments that matter the most. Without having a huge bag to lug around, I am able to get where I need to be to get those shots which comes in handy doing the events that I do. Never know when something awesome is going to happen on the other side of lot or track that you will have to rush to get to (windshields blow at the oddest times at sound competitions). Even everyday personal pictures,¬†maneuverability is key to be able to get the angles and off the wall shots that end up being great. Now, on the other hand, I am in no way putting down those photographers who have the lenses and other accessories that make their lives easier as a professional. I am just saying that just because I do not have all of that, doesn’t mean that I am not just as able to get the good shots. Never judge a person by the equipment they use, they just might surprise you.


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