What is wrong with the world today?

Posted: November 27, 2012 in December 2012

After spending the weekend surrounded by people having fun, doing what they love to do, enjoying each other’s company and friendly competition, I came home to the news that one of the members of the Facebook car audio group was murdered while in his car on his way home from work. The authorities in the area are working to find out exactly what went on and why. I sat back from the computer screen after reading about what had happened. This man was my age. Graduated high school the same year as me. It really hit home how insane the world has gotten to be. The same night, a 17 year old boy in Florida was shot to death by a middle aged man at a convenience store for “playing his music too loudly”. It scares me to think what would happen if something like that happened up here. When did people get so judgmental of each other that it came down to killing whoever isn’t just like you? Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but as long as you don’t voice them, you’re alright. There is so much animosity towards our fellow human beings, our neighbors, our friends. I cannot for the life of me understand how it got to be like this. When did things change so much? My husband and I both have a system in our cars along with 90% of my friends. I have friends into tuners, into minitrucks, into lifted trucks, and it scares me to think what might happen if one of them were to run across someone who didn’t approve of the way they lived their life and spent their money. Everyone is so quick to judge others by their appearance. Everyday, you hear stories about how someone got upset that the woman (it’s always a woman) in front of them at the grocery store used a food stamp card to pay for her groceries. Some circumstances call for assistance. That’s what it’s there for, to help those who need it the most. This is supposed to be the season of love, joy, hope. All the hatred has caused me to question my faith in humanity, but I hold onto a glimmer of hope that these people will one day come to realize that what they are doing is wrong. The way they are judging people is wrong. Please keep the families of both of these young men in your thoughts and in your prayers as they lay their loved ones to rest. My heart goes out to both. To all of those who have taken the time to read this long post, thank you. I try to keep my emotions in check as to not offend anyone, but this has really hit close to home with me. Please stop and think before judging the person next to you. Take the time to think about what their story might be or what brought them to where they are today. Wishing everyone a SAFE holiday season.


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